Where were you when we were getting high?

Chitgo: check out pics of my newly decked up room from my blog
eM: i did i did!!!
very nice :)
you star decorator, you
Chitgo: :)
so i know the likes of u need personal invitation:)
anytime ur tired after work/or not:)
just swing by
eM: listen, one thing i have learnt from this city
is ALWAYS wait for an invitation
at the risk of being a pile on :)
but, i would love to come and check it out
tomorrow, yes?
Chitgo: :) well honestly the rest of the flat isnt that done up:)
eM: awwwwwwww
are you retracting invite already?
Chitgo: hahah
tomorrow it is!
what time?
eM: i don't know?
Chitgo: 8:30?
eM: ufff
Chitgo: aiiee..baba i wont be home 7ishh
eM: WHY do you want to make me sit at work for so long?
Chitgo: hahahahaha
ok. can we play it by ear then? cos i might be working in late tomorrow
eM: grah
okay, fine
Chitgo: u get angry with me so fast:)
eM: only for you will i play it by ear
Chitgo: thank u
i know u hate playing it by that appendage
but still.
eM: i'm a planner!!
it's my role in the universe
Chitgo: so am i!
to plan?
what a role
eM: rubbish
Chitgo: its my role to be cool
it was in my janampatri
eM: you are not a real planner
Chitgo: i am not the quintissential planner
as u might be
eM: modesty was clearly overlooked
Chitgo: oh absolutely
we couldnt have it all:)
eM: i now am extremely modest
besides being fabulous
like complete package type
Chitgo: yes
almost like me
kiddign kidding
we bask in the rays of your fabulous personage
basking i say
eM: we allow basking, graciously
it's a hard life
but someone has to do it
Chitgo: such generous souls
i dont allow basking. its bad for my cooleth
and i have a cold now btw
we didnt accidentally make out that night did we? cos nothing else explains this sudden under weather feeling:P
damn u eM, the germs are upon me
eM: i don't THINK we made out :)
Chitgo: hahahaha
eM: but i can never be sure these days
Chitgo: hHahaha
shut up, silly girl
eM: if it makes you feel any better, one flatmate has also been stricken
struck even
Chitgo: damn
u are the plague
eM: i am NOT
just coz i'm hot people want to be close to me
Chitgo: ahahahahaha
eM: what can i do
Chitgo: yes. hot with DISEASE
eM: oh, stop l,aughing :P
most insulting
Chitgo: ur funny
eM: hmph!
Chitgo: no no ! so quickly she gets grumpy
eM: i'll have you know SOME people think i am fairly attractive :P
oh i'm not angry!!
just bantering
Chitgo: dude, did i ever deny that?
eM: i am a banterer
Chitgo: ur just fishing for compliments now
which ive more than supplied u with :P
eM: me? fish for compliments?
Chitgo: hahhaha
eM: besides, i don't fish
i whale, baby
(winky type face thing here)
Chitgo: i whale?
eM: as in whale= bigger than fish
Chitgo: hahahahah BAD joke
but taken in good spirit
eM: tequila one hopes
(that one made even me cringe)
Chitgo: aargh
eM: i am FULL of bad jokes today
also in good mood
which is excellent
sun is shining lalalalala
Chitgo: :) i love good mood type people
weather is good..make u wanna move...
bob marley - sun is shining remix rules
eM: have not heard
Chitgo: yeah
very old
but very catchy dancy number
eM: i want o have parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
and dress prettilt
prettily, i mean
Chitgo: hahahaha
eM: and have people come over and tell me they love me
Chitgo: :)
so have party na!
eM: i love hostessing
i vill, i vill
Chitgo: i have 2 parties coming up in november
eM: on october the 28th
Chitgo: birthday and house warming in gurgaon
eM: whyfor two?
which one am i invited to?
Chitgo: both moron
october 28th?
eM: halloween!!
Chitgo: hahha
eM: which is on 31st
Chitgo: with theme and all??
eM: which is a tuesday
Chitgo: oh ok
eM: but naturellement, cherie
theme is essential
Chitgo: sacre bleu
eM: no costume=no entry
Chitgo: god damn. can i wear a batman t-shirt?
eM: nooooooooooooo
Chitgo: ill stand outside your house and have my own party
the 'too cool' for theme type people will join me
which will be all of 1 person- me
eM: :)
you CAN'T
you’re my JUNIOR
Chitgo: hahahahahahahahahaha
eM: i order you
Chitgo: for all eternity:)
eM: :)
being a junior doesn't just go away you know
tsk, i am surprised at your attitude young man
stand tall, be proud!! :)
Chitgo: hahaha
i do:)
whats not to be proud of?
have u seen me:P:)
eM: ahhhhhh, this is true
fine upstanding citzen
etc :)
Chitgo: strapping young lad
as they say
eM: doesn't return phone calls
Chitgo: with a hint of mischief
eM: but still, somewhat fine
Chitgo: i am never going to hear the end of that am i ?
eM: no, actually :)
Chitgo: damn
eM: it's RUDE not to call your friends back!!
RUDE i tell you
okay fine
don't go away!
we still like you!
Chitgo: we ?
suddenly ur a group?
eM: my multiple personalities
and i
of course i'm a group!
Chitgo: god damn
eM: i'm a whole CITY
Chitgo: groupie does not equal group eM
sorry, i crack myself up
you're a whole CITY?
eM: now THAT was a bad joke
ya dude
Chitgo: hahaha
eM: eM land
it's a wonderful place
Chitgo: listen, it was almost jayt leno compared to WHALE
eM: when one compares oneself to jay leno, one knows ones humour is not, shall we say, exactly funny
Chitgo: u dont think jay leno is funny?
eM: noooooooooooooooooooo
he is strange
Chitgo: then we disagree mon ami, for along with dave chappell, conan o brien and russell peters, jay leno is god
eM: dave chappel, yes
conan o' brien, welllllll, okay
elen degneres is also good
but jay leno? you can do so so so much better
Chitgo: no way...the guy has had some awesome moments
and his semi-italian roots rule
eM: anyway.
so friday! boss has given me a bottle of port wine!
small bottle, but bottle
come and partake?


Chrisann said...

oye its so looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg

n said...

hmmm..long but easy to read..short sentences..
even i realized, it's easier to be funny with the keyboard, than when you are left with your voise alone..!!

Aarthi said...

Let me be honest em - it's borderline boring. Now I doubt if the idea was a good one in the first place. I mean, I've done these IM conv containing blogs but they go nowhere after a point.

chitgo said...

hahaha..awesome:), this convo is so old? how did you have it stored?

Smith said...

let me be honest...more honest than aarthi...it's not just borderline boring...it's outright boring...i'm sure there are far better chats that you could post....the key to this blog being read would be quality control...keep the chats (or the chat -segments that you post) short, and at least mildly witty/interesting/informative (?)...just a friendly tip...

Push Vs Pull said...

sweet !