How It All Began

Once there was an eM and there was a chitgo and they were very funny people.

And so it came to pass that the eM and the chitgo decided their brilliancies should not be selfishly kept between the two of them.

And so the eM (who is full of good ideas) said, "Verily my friend, we should share our wit with the world."

And the chitgo (who is the soul of generosity) said, "Thou speakest the truth and why not let others too contribute their own gospel?"

And this was the conversation they had:

eM: i have a great idea for a new blog!!
and you're joining it
no arguments :P
chitgo: haha
what's this blog about?
did you see my comment :)
i think it's the sweetest thing i've ever said to u
and it wasn't even deserved
me: i know!!
i'm all misty eyed

it was so deserved
i almost wept with all this real life love
chitgo: oops
no but i said what i meant
i find it difficult to relate your blog avatar to who you are
you're the kind of girl who basically good things should happen to
me: ya, lots of people say that
about me not being eM ie
not about good things

chitgo: hmmm
eM: but i hope they do happen
anyway.. so the new blog
that i'm starting
is basically going to be a chat transcript blog
for all the brilliances people exchange online
i think it's a fab idea
what do you think?
chitgo: hhaha
tht'a awesome:)
it stems from our famous chat!

chitgo: im on :D
fun fun fun
eM: and we should let other people contribute as well
chitgo: absolutely
eM: although by email or by comments?
Dhruv: email...if you have the time
eM: hahaha... i know
so much time wasting
eM: keyboard bitchslaps/
i quite like it
chitgo: hahaah yeah :)
keyboard bitchslaps:)

And so, if thou hast a keyboard bitchslap, shareth it with us in the comments section or email (thecompulsiveconfessorATgmailDOTcom) so that your wisdom too can be taken forward in the world.

(Chats will be published just as they are sent, if you want a particular name or URL highlighted, please make that clear in your email. Thanks!)


Aarthi said...

And who is Dhruv in the middle?

N said...

Dhruv? Chitgo? Were we supposed to know that miss eM? (wink wink)

Sam said...

noe dats a fab idea!! I like it honestly!! only... idunno.. were all my chats are :(

narada said...