Ramble On

A conversation betwixt Hobo and eM

Hobo: I don't get why only boys are writing in to my Honesty Box (on facebook).
eM: Someone wrote in thinking that I'm pretentious and that I'm actually a lot smarter than I let on.........was it you?
Hobo: No. Was it a girl? It's pink for a girl.
eM: How original. Yes it's a girl. They're all girls!
Hobo: It wasn't me. (It's all me actually hahaha) Anyway so someone wrote in saying I love your tits and the personality that comes with them.

*community chuckle*

Hobo: I know who it is, we have a rather frank and open dialogue between us.
eM: You do? Only girls write in to me....there's another one it goes blah blah blah blah.
Hobo: That was me. So I figure this means I'm the personalititty.
eM: Personalititty? Can I use it?
Hobo: Them? No. It? No.



TS said...


kamlesh said...

I liked the idea...
have some stuff on this ..
if care, do host it..

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