What happened to good ol' fashioned doing it?

(Chat courtesy KVA)

me: im damn sleepy man

just dont feel like working

Sputnik: why... slept late?

me: kinda, n broken sleep n shit

Sputnik: why.. man..

me: i dont think u wanna get into that

Sputnik: i see you're life is pretty rockin!!!

me: shit happens man

Sputnik: drugs.. sex.... and rock"n"roll

me: kinda...

something like ur college days

Sputnik: u livin like a rockstar

me: im a little late to burst on the scene

Sputnik: my college days???/

me: u lived that life in college man

Sputnik: u mean.. the girlfriend life!!!!

me: u dont need to attach a term to it dude

just keep it as sex, drugs n rock n roll

since we're on this topic, can u help me with something

Sputnik: cool

me: whts a good condom to go for? :-)

Sputnik: durex....

me: any particular type?

or its all the same

u know, like the ribbed n shit

Sputnik: thin is good

me: cool

Sputnik: you've had the sex before... u dont need help

me: yeah dude, but
i dont know whts the scene on the protection front

the latest technology n shit

besides, theres always more to learn

Sputnik: dont know.. man... havent had sex for a while..

Sputnik: i aint so good at hittin on chicks... ioh my god... his chicks are not to be spoken of

me : R's?

Sputnik: yeah.. man.. really sad choice of women

me: i dont think he operates by choice dude

its about getting what u can

n i think u set very high standards for ur self
ur not brad pitt u know

n u dont have a big flashy fancy car

Sputnik: i know....

me: we guys have to learn to settle with 2nd best

dont go for the girl in the red dress man

Sputnik: i aint going for the dress in the red dress


me: hahahahah

n this S is seeing someone else?

Sputnik: It's K

me: dont get sentu

Sputnik: no she's been interested in some pilot dude.. for a long time...

drives a freakin honda accord!!

but no,, she's not going out.
me: tell the fucker to go fly his plane n give u the accord man

Sputnik: yeah... life is so pretty...

me: n the pilot also likes her

u have to make her understand that pilots are not faithful n shit

they have chicks in every city n all

Sputnik: i know....

me: they have orgies on the plane with the air hostess

Sputnik: hey.. fuck you.. man

me: im just trying to help man

Sputnik: in what way

me: u gotta explain this shit to her

so she doesnt like the pilot dude

Sputnik: explain what?

me: that that is what pilots do dumbass

have orgies with the air hostess' on the plane

Sputnik: aaaaaaah


damn .. mna'

me: stupid fool

Sputnik: she'll get pissed if talk shit like that

me: thats the idea. she shd get pissed at the pilot

Sputnik: no u fool

she'll get pissed at me

Sputnik: man....

u trippin now

me: im just trying to help man

brain storming

Sputnik: appreciate it.. man


KVA said...

hmm, maybe its more fun with the original names lol.

to think this guy was really into her. eM, see what i mean by me giving advice?!?

eM said...

i actually thought it was rather good advice. and you and chitgo are lazy asses, go accept the invite and contribute. :P

hedonistic hobo said...

it's too long. it's too personal and frankly i was bored midway through.

also haven't you 'turds heard of non-latex avanti?

oh well. perhaps we should break up long conversations in to mini posts?

or start conversations based on a common thread coz thus far i can't tell jackshit of what's going on.

Sakshi said...


Anonymous said...

i laugh reading this, because I have the same view about 'em navyboys. lmao!

Push Vs Pull said...

Love you people gwaaadddd where are you people really loved the convo. reminds me of my chuddy buddies man !!